Short to Medium Hairstyles for Women

Trending Hairstyles for women with short to medium hair

Trending Hairstyles for Women with Short to Medium Hair Summer is on the way and hairstyles for short to medium hair length are making an appearance. Defined as styles that fall between the neck and the jawline, short and medium-length hairstyles can be stylish and trendy, or subtle and sexy – depending on the way you wear the style and how you carry it off. If you are blessed with thick hair, a medium length style works fantastically as the volume of hair allows for the form to hold correctly, without much help. If you have less volume and slightly less hair, a short, cropped style can be carried off well, as the hair will sit closely to your head and not need much additional styling. Whether you decide on a simple bob with bangs or a svelte and sexy pixie cut, here are some great haircuts and styles for medium to short hair that work for women of all ages:

  • Short or Medium Bob with Bangs-

    This classic style works on a range of hair types and face shapes. A medium bob which falls to your shoulders and a short bob which falls on the jawline frames the face perfectly and creates a fresh, uplifting look for any outfit. Layered bangs or a blunt fringe can add another dimension to the hairstyle – layered bangs creating a shaggy, trussed up look while a sharp blunt fringe on a short bob that has been blow-dried straight creates a sharp, powerhouse look.

  • Curly Bob-

    Don’t despair if you have curly hair and want a bob – a curly bob is a stunning look and just needs to be styled correctly to achieve it. The trick to creating a beautiful curly bob is in the cut – your hairstylist should know not to use any sophisticated methods to cut your hair into a bob – simple and straightforward is the way to go for curly hair and it will naturally fall into place. Use some sea-spray or spritzer and a few crunches after application to hold those lovely curls in place all day or night.

Expert tip! Instead of buying spritz or sea-spray, make your own by adding a few tablespoons of salt to some water, mix well and voila! Instant sea-spray!

  • The Shaggy Cut-

    Slightly messy but oh-so-sexy, the shaggy cut is a great shoulder-length cut that is very attractive because it seems casual and unfussy. This is the perfect look for cocktails at the beach bar or a casual lunch with friends, and all that needs to be done is a good wash, condition, spritz with sea-spray and air-dry for that fresh, curly, sun-kissed look. If you require a slightly more formal look, this cut can be blow-dried and styled into something more sophisticated.

  • The Classic Bob-

    It’s been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere. The Classic Bob oozes sophistication, however, does need some require a bit of styling to achieve a good result. If you have thick hair, use a serum and blow-dry your bob to get the straight, frizz-free look. If you have less voluminous, straight hair, simply run your finger through the hair with a bit of anti-frizz serum and allow to air-dry. The Classic Bob works best on thin to medium hair and women with an elegant jawline and décolletage.

  • Stacked Bob-

    Also known as the “graduated bob”, the Stacked Bob A has evolved from the short bob with layers at the back of the head. The front of the bob is symmetrical and can be worn with or without bangs or a fringe while the back of the head is cut in layers to add another dimension to the style and create a beautiful look from the back.

  • The Pixie Cut-

    Perfect for petite women, trendsetters and women who want to make a statement without a word, the Pixie Cut is a stunner, highlighting superb bone structure, striking eyes and full lips. Cropped close to the head and skull, this gorgeous style is best worn by women with small bone structure and not many curves.

  • The Short Layered Cut-

    This is a common style that is worn by women around the world and suits both large and small boned women. Hair is cropped close to the head at the back and layered in the front, leaving longer bangs around the face to frame it and elongate the neck. This style is usually worn with a shaggy fringe which adds to the layering effect and is easy to maintain – simply spritz, scrunch and go!

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