How to Change Your Lifestyle for a New Year, New Life

How to Change Your Lifestyle for a New Year, New Life

It’s New Year soon, are you ready to take your life to a new direction? The first month of the year is usually the time that we decide to get a new job, start a more active lifestyle, or revamp our social life. But how many times have you tried to transform yourself with the same items in the bucket list that you had last year? Don’t worry, if you’ve tried it before and failed, but it still keeps coming back to you, that means it’s very important and rooted to your life priorities. To help you with getting back on track, here are some exercises and steps on how to change your lifestyle.

Discover Your Real Motivation

Why do you want to make changes in your lifestyle? Do your goals reflect on your priorities in life? No matter how easy and paved out a task is, many people still fail to finish it whenever they don’t see the connection on what truly matters to them. So before you tackle your goals, ask some questions to yourself first. What’s your real motivation in doing it?

Big changes in life can be scary. But you know what they say, so is regret. What you need to do is to create an affirmation that connects the change you want to do, to your life priorities. Knowing the reasons will make it easier for you to define the steps on how to change your lifestyle. For example:

  • Health Goals – If your goal is to change your eating habits, take time to define why you need to do it. Rather than saying, you want to be sexy, try this, “To me, eating healthy food will help me lose weight. And when I lose weight, I can spend more active time with my family and friends.”
  • Money Goals – Same goes for finances, you can say, “Wealth gives me security on not to worry about emergencies in the future. I work harder and save my extra money so that I won’t worry about the next month or so. With that, I can sleep better and focus more of my time in activities that make me happy.”

These are just of the sample affirmations that will help you focus and achieve your goals. Go ahead, try this exercise as the first step on how to change your lifestyle.

Ways to Jumpstart Changes in Your Lifestyle

Now that you’ve defined your lifestyle goals and how they matter to you, it’s time to stop making excuses and move with your action plan. Take at least 20-30 minutes of your time daily for activities that will move you closer to your goal. What is 30 minutes? It’s just 2% of the entire time you have for one day! Use it to do something for yourself that is aligned to your lifestyle goals. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Career Lifestyle Changes: Want to focus more on your career goals? When you decide to make a big shift in your career, whether you’re aiming for a promotion or want to move to a new field, you have to focus on mental skill-building activities.
  • Declutter: Disorganized and messy environment can cloud your thinking and divert focus. When you need to finish a project and all you can see are scattered papers and notes, it’ll take you more time to figure the direction on how to accomplish each task. Start with cleaning up your desk, remove all unnecessary papers and other props. This also includes organizing your computer desktop in your operating system. Organize your files on folders and label them accordingly.
  • Read books that’s relevant to your interests: Spend your time more on books/ebooks and relevant educational material. For example, if you want to learn more about business and operations management, and you’re eyeing for that CEO position, take time to learn effective management skills. When you don’t have access to a good mentor, the internet is filled with free and paid online courses from top universities all over the world.

Activities for a Healthier Lifestyle

  • Go walking outdoors – Find a park near your home where you can do at least 30 minutes walking every day. It’s a light workout and studies also show that walking helps you think more clearly.
  • Manage stress – We all know that stress can affect us emotionally and physically. To manage the negative effects, try activities that calm down the mind. Drink some calming tea, meditate for at least 15 minutes a day, or have a playlist with music that calms you down.
  • Laugh and sing more! – Did you know that singing can also lessen stress? Singing induces the release of endorphins or happy hormones. More to that, singing in groups or in a choir decreases the level of cortisol (related to stress) in our bloodstream. So why not take that adult singing class?
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables – Be mindful of what you eat for your body. Add more fruits inn your diet that are rich in anti-oxidants. Load up your munchies with berries and oranges!

Remember, changes in your lifestyle don’t come overnight. Transformations may come evident and visible in 21 days of sticking to a new habit, for some people it takes 30 or 90 days. So don’t stop, and make it happen!

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